Best Natural Home Remedies for Receding Gums

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Home Remedies Receding Gums can be caused by several things. Bad hygiene practices, hormonal imbalance, or brushing too aggressive can all cause damage to the gums that allow bacteria to grow.

Receding Gums can cause teeth sensitivity, a huge gap between the teeth and gums, roots exposed, the smell of the mouth, or bleeding gums. If receding gums is not treated and cared for properly, damage to the gums can become so bad that the teeth will date.

Receding gums need to be treated as soon as possible to prevent additional damage, by visiting the dentist. You can also help the treatment with these three simple steps.

Top 3 Natural Home Remedies for Receding Gums

Drinking Green Tea

Because of its high amount of antioxidants, green tea has many benefits, including to treat receding gums.
The antioxidants in green tea have the power to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation associated with receding gums.

So, green tea not only effectively help treat receding gum, but also reduce the pain that accompanies the condition of receding gums.

Aloe Vera

Such as green tea, Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory properties as well the power to kill the bacteria causes gum disease. If you have gum disease or damage in addition to receding gums, Aloe Vera can contribute to improving the health of your mouth.

There are several ways for the use of Aloe Vera to the gums. You can use a toothpaste containing Aloe Vera or Aloe Vera gel. applying to the diseased gums deportment gargle with clean water.

Coconut oil

Add the coconut oil into Your oral care routine will be very good for the health of your gums. Just enter a bit of coconut oil into the mouth and then gargle as you do with mouthwash. This is to ensure that all your mouth gets a layer of coconut oil and its benefits.

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