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Home Remedies for Alzheimer
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Home Remedies for Alzheimer’s – Alzheimer’s disease is a condition of disorder that is characterized by a decline in memory, decreased ability to think and talk, as well as behavior change in sufferers due to the disruption in the brain which is progressive or slowly.

In the early phase, a person affected by Alzheimer’s disease would usually look easy to forget, like forgetting the names of objects or places, forget about events that not long ago, and forgot about the contents of a conversation not long ago to be discussed with the another.

Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease

In diagnosing the disease, Alzheimer’s important for doctors to ask the symptoms experienced by the patient. The doctor will ask whether patients are often forgotten, changing behavior, talk is not clear, and the difficulty of daily activities without undergoing assisted others. Also, doctors will evaluate the patient’s medical history, mental status, such as how the disease is now or whatever suffered, what medicines are consumed, and is there a family who also had Alzheimer’s.

The Diagnosis Of Alzheimer's Disease

The Diagnosis Of Alzheimer’s Disease

Undiagnosed Alzheimer’s early stages can make the sufferer has more time to do the preparation and planning for the future. One more important thing is to get faster handling.

This examination is done to find out if other conditions cause Alzheimer’s disease patients experienced a decline in memory or confusion, such as vitamin deficiency or thyroid disorders.


This inspection is carried out to find out how well the patient’s neurological functions, for example by testing the balance of power, coordination, reflexes, the ability to hear or see, and muscle strength while getting up from a sitting or walking.

Mental examination

This inspection is carried out to know the ability of thinking, memory, and mental functions of patients compared with people of the same level as well as for the rest of his education.

A scan of the brain.

This inspection was performed in order to detect any abnormalities or changes in the brain and make sure is caused by Alzheimer’s disease and not another condition, such as weight, stroke, injury or tumor. The brain scanning methods can be done with a CT scan, MRI, cerebrospinal fluid examination, and positron emission tomography.

Home Remedies for Alzheimer

Home Remedies for Alzheimer's Disease

1. Herbal Remedies Skin Mangosteen

In Alzheimer’s disease, there is one of the natural remedies that can be quite unreliable namely herbal medicine from the skin of the mangosteen. The mangosteen rind was a plant that is pretty much used to cure various kinds of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and others. The mangosteen rind can also help Alzheimer’s sufferers to relieve symptoms of the disease. You can drink mangosteen rind boiled 3 times in a day so that the results obtained are quite the maximum.

2. Psychology Therapy

The first therapy which can be done by Alzheimer’s sufferers is to do a psychological therapy that can be applied to Alzheimer’s sufferers. Psychological therapy that can be done is the cognitive stimulation, this method is done to improve memory in sufferers and increasing the ability to communicate on Alzheimer’s sufferers also help sufferers to complete a problem. Next is a psychology therapy with relaxation and increased cognitive behavior, this method is beneficial to sufferers of conditions often reduce the hallucinating, felt excessive worry, depression and more.

3. Brain Stimulus Therapy

Next up is the use of brain stimulation therapy that originates from the cells of the placenta. This therapy ever conducted in the U.S. and rated being able to help Alzheimer’s sufferers in a manner stimulus a part of brain cells using the oral injected substance on the body.

4. Music Therapy

Music is something that is judged capable of helping Alzheimer’s sufferer by providing a wave on the brain. By doing this, the therapy could make Alzheimer’s sufferers feel about and not easy to feel angry. You can ask for a doctor’s advice to do this therapy.

5. Aura Therapy

Next is doing therapy aura. Some of the benefits that can be felt due to Alzheimer’s sufferer’s aura therapy can create comfortable, that assist the body to stay healthy and fit, it could improve the ability to think logically, to prevent the existence of feelings of prolonged stress.

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